welcome to flowers by design

Art has been a big part of my life. When I was a child I entered any “draw me” contests I could find. (For those of you who don’t remember, the contest rules were usually on the back of a match book cover.) It was years before I realized that everyone was a winner, not just me. My father finally told me to quit entering the contests because he was the one being harassed by sales people selling the “learn to be a famous artist at home” package. So no more contests, but I participated in any art related after school activity that I could find.

Growing up. I never worried about what I wanted to be “when I grew up” because I knew art would be a part of  my life. From high school through college I took every art or design class that was offered. I have a successful career as a graphic designer, and after working for multiple companies, I finally found that owning a graphic design studio and being the boss was the most enjoyable of all possible worlds.

Get real. My graphic design style is a reflection of me...as I see me...thoughtful, easygoing, caring, sometimes whimsical and maybe not always in touch with reality. (People say “get real” to me alot.) I love to laugh and I cry easily. When designing advertisements, posters, stationery, brochures (and on and on) I try to reflect these qualities in my designs.

A rose is a rose. Throughout my life a common thread has been my love for and appreciation of the radience of nature. When I am unable to decide on a color palate for a project, I go outside and see how “Mother Nature” handles it. It always works.

Call me a dreamer. I love to travel and experience first hand the beauty and combination of colors you find in flowers all over the world. It is a natural high for me! Browse my website. I call it Flowers by Design. I hope you like what you see as much as I enjoy showing it to you.


p.s. When you buy a print, I get closer to quitting my day job.